Michele Cowee
Licensed Dietitan 
(Lic 31976DI-0)
Registered Dietitan & Certified Diabetes Educator

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition
University of Nevada Reno

The Veterans Administration-Reno
Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center –Reno 

Registrations and Certifications
Registered Dietitian
Certified Diabetes Educator
Completed CDR Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management

President of Nevada Dietetic Association
President Elect of Nevada Dietetic Association
President of the Northern Nevada District Dietetic Association
Member of the American Dietetic Association
NDA Representative for Public Policy Workshop-Washington, D.C.
American Dietetic Association
Dietetic Practice Group: Diabetes Care and Education
American Association of Diabetes Educators
Member Carson Area Wellness Association
Chairperson-Carson Area Wellness Association
Weight Management and Nutrition Entrepreneurs

Exercising, golf, gardening, reading, crafts, traveling, time with family.  COOKING!

Sierra Dietetic's founder Michele Cowee embarked in her career as a Registered Dietitian in October 1999.  

Since then, she has focused her efforts on helping people discover that healthy eating can be a delicious and fun endeavor.  

Raised in an Italian family in Aurora, Ohio, she was taught that food wasn’t just nutritious and fun but